Change How You Feel Fast In Life & Love

Here’s what some clients have been saying…..

It was a like the worry had been lifted.

For the first time in my life, I was going to bed with extreme stress headaches. I was in a fragile state. I was worried about finances, debts, developments and the end of a close friendship. Just one session with Sarah changed my thinking. It was like the worry had been lifted. My mindset is a lot stronger now. I am no longer stressed and I have a more positive outlook. If you are reading this now, trust me, I had a very real life changing experience. I would highly recommend you book a Faster EFT session with Sarah. Maree W. NSW

I now know what it feels like to have self love.

Sarah is gentle and caring ways has helped me learn and use Faster EFT to work through some real heavy stuff. It would have taken me years of therapy to reach the point of peace and clarity after just one session.The relationship with myself has changed, and I now†know what it feels like to have self love. I feel empowered and strong after each session with Sarah and am so grateful for her passion and compassion. Adrianne R. Vic

Thank-you for your help, I can now remain calm with my teenage son.

He used to get irritated, and that would make me angry. The situation would get worse, and never had a happy ending. I have now learnt new ways to deal with my teenage son who has an anger problem. I use techniques that help him to remain calm. I can now have a rational conversation when he gets mad, I remain calm and don’t take it personally. I never thought making a few small changes in myself, which I would never have considered, would help so much. I didn’t think a phone session would help much, but it helped immensely! Thank-you for your help. Be sure to call to you next time I have issues I can’t resolve. Sonja B. Vic

I was very impressed with the result.

At the moment of my life when I was sure I have no problems or issues, I met Sarah at a seminar and after a two minute talk she pointed out to me that there maybe some subconscious blocks. Well, that was something I did not expect, and she was very much right. I did have quite a bit of them. That was the first time I had heard about Faster EFT and what it does. After only one session I got my dream pattern back, which means I could sleep without waking up and being stressed about my work.

I was very impressed with the result. They were fast and accurate. After that I have done 1 more tapping session, now I like to use it, to get rid of any leftover issues I may have. I must say I love it, life changing moments in a moment, and efficient too, I am hooked now! I would have never believed that such a simple technique can produce such massive results. Damir B Vic